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"Greeting from the happiest woman in America. I can't begin to use words to share my story. My time with each of the 3 brilliant, patient, helpful men was the best service I have ever received..."

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Where have you been for the past 15 years????
I came to you with a problem I had tried for days to repair myself. Was ready to take the computer tower to the shop for repairs when I came upon your ad on the internet. I was a little skeptical at first but read the reviews and felt for the low cost I could at least give it a try.
My tech, Douglas, had to probably undo all that I did wrong as well as resolve the original problem. It took some time but everything was repaired and recovered in a timely and professional fashion. In these difficult economical times it is wonderful to find a company like yours, with such polite professional and informative techs like Douglas at affordable costs.  He was very clear and kept me informed as he worked through the system,  confirming with me that my systems were back to normal and what I needed to do to clean up the old files.
I know I saved money and a lot of lost time with the help Douglas was able to give me.
I would definitely recommend Douglas and your company to anyone with computer problems, and I can sleep well tonight, now that my computer up and running…AND now I know  that I can count on you to be there for me if and when my next computer issues occur.
Douglas, have a good night and thank you so much….and I already know I will be back…don’t know when but will definitely let my fellow computers  users know about you.

Barbara Perdue
Real Estate Professionals, Inc
Baltimore, MD
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